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Languages: spanish

Jennifer Castillo Senior Loan Officer

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119 S. Ranch House Road, Suite 200
Aledo, TX 76008

During one of the first days in Basic our Military Training Instructor, SSgt. Webber, asked whether we were afraid of running so fast that our hearts would stop beating. Most of us raised our hands, myself included. To our dismay, he reassured us that paramedics were standing by to revive us should we happen to pass out.

That marked the beginning of a 5-year career in military intelligence for the United States Air Force. During my service I learned many skills, but first and foremost among them was what I experienced during those first grueling days: always keep moving forward no matter what difficulties are in your way!

That lesson has carried over into my career in real estate and my work as a Loan Officer with Service First. For most people, purchasing a home is the largest investment they will ever make in their lifetime. I’ve made it my mission to touch the lives of as many families as possible by educating them and encouraging them to create multi-generational wealth through investing in real estate.

Sometimes the mortgage process is complicated, stressful, and confusing. As your Mortgage Banker my promise is to keep your loan moving forward and stick by your side no matter how difficult things might seem. Let me be an advocate for you!

My name is Jennifer Castillo, and I’d love the opportunity to share my knowledge and guide you through the process of home ownership.